That 4-letter word again!

It’s the holiday season and if there’s one word that’s on everyone’s lips, it’s this…Busy! How are you? I’m busy! Well, I didn’t ask what you’re doing, I asked how you are. Why do we confuse who we are with what we do? Why do we confuse Activity with Accomplishment?

That’s why at parties or social gatherings, we’re itching to ask that question, What do you do? The reply has to sound important and…you guessed it, busy! Is it a good thing to portray busyness? I was horrified when a friend texted me the other night, I wanted to call you about something but didn’t want to disturb you, I know you’re very busy…Busyness makes us lose out on important things like friendships and relationships. It makes people withhold information from us that would otherwise have benefited us mutually. It is a call out for sympathy. Poor thing, let’s not bother her, she’s busy.

So the next time someone asks you how you are, remember to bite your tongue if the first word that wants to come out is that blasted 4-letter word again…Busy!

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